Friday, July 13, 2012

A Summertime Love

So it's been one extremely hot summer so far. Women have gone from wearing jeans, to capris to barely anything at all. Many say it's because it's too hot.  But others simply think it is a fashion statement. Some simply want to impress the next man. Now ladies there is nothing wrong with that. But remember, how you dress is how you impress. As you peel off those pieces of fabric, you peel off a piece of you. There is nothing left to be imagined, explored or understood.

If you have not heard it before, know that you are more than just "eye candy". You possess an inner beauty that is unlike no other. Before you can seek the love of a man, you must learn to love yourself first. Seeking love outside of yourself when the love is non-existent within is pointless. It will only return to you  void. You are a phenomenal being; allow no one to tell you differently. Your past is not a reflection of who you are becoming. So do not be afraid to leave something to the imagination. Give people the chance to discover who you are beyond what you look like on the outside.  This summer allow yourself to grow and gain a new kind of summer love....A SELF LOVE!

~Motivator K

Below is a poem written by yours truly from my book "Poetic Testimony". Check it out and may it motivate the new phenomenal you!!!


Why am I upset
Because he said no?
Why am I upset because he didn’t call
Or was not there when
I needed him?
Is it really him
To blame or is it me?
How could I have
Expected someone to be there
For me
When I wasn’t there for myself?
How could I expect him
To show affection to me
When I didn’t even think
I was worthy of giving myself a hug?
How could I desperately plea
For him to tell me I was beautiful and special
When each time I looked in the mirror
it was difficult
to accept what I was looking at.
So many questions in my mind
I had felt a sincere need to cry,
And I did.
As I cried I had come to terms with my own insecurities.
I realized that the answers to the many questions
lied within myself.
I was looking to the wrong person
To provide the
Much needed affection.
The love I craved
Was not a hug and kiss
From a man.
It was not a host of empty I love you’s
It wasn’t even
A need for me to hear
Someone else say that I was beautiful.
But I had to look within
And understand that
There are
many kinds of
And not just that between
a man and a woman.
But a love that has a much
More powerful connection.
A REAL love
A SELF love.